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The New Global Tectonic Map with stunning, mind-bending views of the Globe! Today: The Indian Ocean

I had an enormous amount of requests to show more, and 25 views will therefore be presented during the upcoming weeks/months which all include a summary legend.

Some of you asked why some of the views are rotated with respect to the magnetic North: For each view, a symmetrical position is taken with reference to the features that are the leading actors. In this way we look at the Earth with a completely new perspective and you will notice how this will have a profound influence on your perception of the regional tectonic structure and evolution.

Note that what is in the maps is exactly what geoscientists have provided over decades of research based on tens of thousands of publications, no more, no less, plus the new Plate Tectonic subdivision (microplates, terranes, blocks, slivers, etc.).
The complete model database comprises numerous features not all depicted, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, GravMag, geological maps, geothermy, stress field, gps, etc. etc. etc. Link to the free MyMap project to see more.