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Our community consists of individuals and entities whom we like to call ocreans. Our team of ocreans not only consists of the employees at our headquarters but also of the professionals and clients who like to call themselves part of our team. Ocreans are characterized by the qualities of being involved, flexible, and driven.

Involvement is an important part of being an ocrean. One is able to ask the right questions and gain deeper understanding of someone’s needs. Flexibility aims at the adaptability. In an everchanging environment it is important one is flexible and can easily adapt to circumstances. Drive is built upon three other qualities, namely: intelligence, diligence, and enthusiasm. Drive guarantees that something gets seen through to another one’s satisfactions. It also ensures that ocreans gain pleasure from what they do. We visualize drive as something that contributes to individual successes, as well as to collective successes.

Ocreans are skilled and have solid knowledge and experience in multiple market segments and disciplines. If you feel like you are part of our organization and the values we represent, feel free to call yourself an ocrean.