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Hello and welcome to the new and improved OCRE Geoscience website! For the past weeks we have been working hard to create our new website.

On this website you can read about the latest geoscience projects that include OCRE Geoscience’s services. Also you can read all about how we connect with our clients and professionals. Apart from projects you, as a client and as a professional, can also read about all the services we offer and available vacancies.

We encourage you to explore this new website and learn more about our professionals and about OCRE Group.

While the website is live right now, we still have a lot of ideas and new features to come! If you are interested to see these new ideas make sure to check this website every now and then.


We value your opinion
Have you found a bug or something that is not right with the website? Please let us know so we can improve it.
We hope you like the new website and if you have any questions about it or about Geoscience and OCRE do not hesitate to call us or send us a message.