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Entering in the New Transitional Area of a Sustainable Energy Mix, applying all our resilience capacities, New Technology deployment in Engineering is clearly accelerating. In this case we are of course thinking about Robotics and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, new Material Science applications, etc. in order to manage time, budget and HSSE constraints in the building of Geothermal, Hydro Power, Wind Power, and Solar Power Plants, both onshore and offshore. But not only. The applications of CCUS (Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage), storage of other Waste products, and, most important, the reconversion or dismantling of old Industrial Facilities will play a major role.

And Earth Sciences, be it Geology or Geophysics, is, as usual, heavily involved in all these activities, and the experts of OCRE’s Global Excellency Network are working in numerous projects that regard Renewables and Industrial Conversion.

We distinguish the following focus Sectors in the Realm of Renewables Engineering:

Sector RE.1 – Civil Engineering: Onshore and Offshore Construction
Sector RE.2 – Decommissioning and Abandonment (DA); Industrial Archaeology

Offshore Wind Farm. From: Cuffari (2018).

The following type of Projects and Activities are especially involved in the Realm of Renewables Engineering:


  • Territorial Management – Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Drone Site Surveys (UAV; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) – 3dmodeling
  • Micro seismicity studies and monitoring
  • Remote Sensing Acquisition, Elaboration and Interpretations including InSAR
  • Terrain Subsidence-Uplift Studies
  • Analyses and Modelling of Faulted and Fractured Rocks
  • Geological Field Work s.l.
  • Core Studies, Conventional and Special, Geomechanics


  • Offshore High-Resolution Geophysical site-surveys


  • Facilities Planning and Management
  • Civil Engineering Planning, Construction and Management


To examine all the Tasks involved in this Sector, the OCRE Geoscience Services GEG List and CATALOGUE can be consulted.