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The OCRE Geoscience GeoMap

GeoWonders, UNESCO Geoparks, Heritage Sites, Volcanoes, Craters, Great Caves, High peaks, special Landmarks, you can quickly find them on our map.

All these marvellous scenic pictures that circulate on the web, where are they exactly located? Most of the time that remains a mystery. Finally, a way to quickly locate them!

And what about checking during your holidays what great geologic sceneries can be visited nearby? Or maybe even plan your trip with the objective to visit some of them!

Pictures, links that give credit and much more information, and brief descriptions are provided for each item.

Have fun!

And feel free to send us feedback, ideas, comments, and suggestions!

janpieter.vandijk@ocre.nl, rick.nagtegaal@ocre.nl

How does the GeoMap work?

Click on the icon in the upper left corner of the map to expand the map index so you can choose between all the available layers. You can also view the GeoMap in full screen by clicking on the upper right icon.

Toggle layers on/off

Click on the Index icon to view and enable the available layers.

View the GeoMap in fullscreen

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A collection of all UNESCO parks around the world.


A collection of geoheritage from all around the world.


A collection of geological wonders from all around the world.


A collection of vulcano, lakes and much more.


A collection of IUGS Geoheritage sites.

Disclaimer and Statement
OCRE Geoscience Services does not claim any copyright on the information hereby presented nor on the images that have been used merely as illustration and are freely available from the links that have been provided. Merit and credit go to the authors of these pictures which have been indicated and full information can be found on the relative web links.

It is our wish that the information depicted stimulates interest for our planet, promotes the organisations and individuals that are related to these locations, and generates awareness for the concepts of sustainability in the management for the wellbeing of the Earth.