RE.1 – Civil Engineering: Onshore and Offshore Construction

If we think of modern technologies in onshore and offshore engineering and new developments, key concepts like Robotics, Sustainable Development, Resilience, and HSE Compliance come into our minds.

Especially in the development of Offshore Windfarms, the conversion of depleted Oil and Gas Field Platforms into Carbon Storage Sites, the construction of Solar Energy fields, the building of Geothermal Installations, the approach to the geological subsurface becomes essential.

But what about Oceanographic Surveys, large Ocean Cleaning Projects, Deep Oceanic Piston Coring and Drilling, Polar Ice Coring projects, and many more initiatives to observe and manage our delicate Planets H2O cycle to protect it against damages caused by unsustainable human activities.

Furthermore, the harvesting of offshore mineral deposits, possible developments to produce Methane from Hydrates on the continental shelf, and even the building of large Artificial Islands to host the immense servers needed for the Global Network Trafficking and Digital Trading, it all comes to where and how these projects will be positioned, their sustainability, their effectiveness.

OCRE strongly believes in an integrated approach in this New Era of Renewables Engineering Technology between Engineering and all aspects of Geology and Geophysics. Therefore, we introduce the concept of GEG; Geology, Engineering, Geophysics.

To examine all the Tasks involved in this Sector, the OCRE Geoscience Services GEG List and CATALOGUE can be consulted.

Offshore Wind Catching Systems. From Bulijan (2021).