Cesar Rodriguez

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Cesar Rodriguez is a Senior Petroleum Reservoir Engineer with a significant technical background based on more than 22 years of work experience and the achievements of a master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering (Texas A&M University). He has relevant skills in Dynamic Reservoir Characterization, Reservoir Simulation, EOR, Reserves, FDP, Unconventional Assets and Reservoir Economics and Management. He is highly motivated, enthusiastic, responsible, honest, able to work individually or in a team and always looking for creative solutions as well as meeting tight deadlines and budgets.

Key Qualifications:

  • Hands on field development plans (FDP)
  • Numerical reservoir simulation,
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Tight unconventional reservoir
  • Reservoir monitoring and surveillance
  • Analysis of rock & fluid characterization (SCAL, PVT)
  • Production reservoir and well analysis (RTA/DCA/Nodal analysis)
  • Well test analysis (PTA)
  • Material balance
  • Oil & gas initially in place (OGIP)
  • Recoverable reserves (RR)
  • Asset management with economic evaluation, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
  • Integration of reservoir models with geosciences to build stochastic models
  • Support in data acquisition and well / reservoir database
  • Advisor of undergraduate students, mentor of young engineers and experience as teamwork leader
  • Working knowledge of geologist, petrophysics, drilling and production procedures and technologies