Dima Drabkin

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Dima Drabkin has 30 years of world-wide experience in well operational activities, and is specifically skilled in design of Field Development Strategies, a specialist in drilling, completion, testing, and workover, has extensive experience in production operations and is highly skilled in the Preparation of Drilling Tenders. He has extensive knowledge of sandstones and carbonates reservoirs in both Oil and Sour Gas wells. He designed and implemented hydraulic fracturing and acidizing projects, and projects for optimizing waterfloods. He furthermore managed ITT for drilling tenders, completion and workover activities, and was responsible for the preparation of field development strategies.

Key Qualifications:

  • 30 years of world wide experience in well operational activities
  • Skilled in Design of Field Development Strategies
  • Specialist in Drilling, completion, testing, workover
  • Extensive experience in Production operations
  • Highly skilled in the Preparation of Drilling Tenders