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James D. Livingston Grittins (B.Sc. Degree in Petroleum Engineering in 1988 from USA, and a Diploma in Petroleum Engineering Technology from the B.C.I.T. University in Canada in 1984) is an Oil & Gas Engineer/Geoscientist and Petrophysicist with +38 years of hands-on International experience (Canada, Caribbean, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Africa and Middle East) onshore and offshore. He covered all aspects of Field/Formation and Reservoir Evaluations in Gas and fluids behaviours and is specialized in Rock Physics, in Exploration, Development, Drilling Operations, IOR, EOR and Thermal EOR projects, with a balanced Engineering/ Geological experience in a wide variety of fields worldwide involving both conventional and non-conventional reservoirs (clastics, carbonates, fractured carbonates, volcanics, etc).

He has a proven record with documented history/examples of changing investments, projects, in companies and people, and has a clear and conclusive technical know-how and advise to develop/exploit Naturally Fractured Reservoir/ Fields in different countries, where the connection between Structure, stress/strain and induced NFR is fundamental. He was successfully involved in different types of EOR projects in Canada, Cuba, Argentina, Oman, Nigeria, etc., where he incremented the production of many fields by recommending types and design for EOR including Fracking and acidizing wells to increment production. He found solutions and compiled/tough practical technical courses in Petrophysics and Reservoir Physics to help defend Reserve’s volumes for Companies in Canada, Cuba, Argentina and Nigeria.

Additionally, he is author and co-author of several research papers and has conducted numerous highly successful training courses for Reservoir Engineers.

Key Qualifications:

  • World-wide experience in Petrophysical Evaluation and Reservoir Engineering
  • Worked in Exploration, Appraisal, Development and EOR
  • Thermal EOR projects Experience
  • Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs
  • Fractured Reservoir Development specialist