Jan Pieter van Dijk

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“I like to see myself as an all-rounder; from hammering a rock to presenting at business meetings, from making sophisticated drawings and writing geoscience papers to managing an international team, from computer programming in the night and diving into the deep of new technologies to admiring a beautiful landscape and dreaming about remote epochs in the geological past of our lovely Planet Earth, our home.

But a little public secret is that my main real passion is playing the piano…”

Janpieter graduated and obtained his PhD degree at Utrecht University (the Netherlands), and has 28 years of worldwide experience in Oil and Gas, in New Ventures, Exploration, Appraisal and Production, both in conventional and unconventional settings, and in Carbon Capture and Storage and Renewables.

He has worked for Eni and other IOC’s before entering the world of independent consultancy in 2020. His main professional occupation is Subsurface data analyses and modelling for Prospect Generation (Seismic Mapping, Ranking, Risking), and Asset Management, Global Networking, Research and Technology Development, and, more in general, Technical and Geoscience Management.

He published numerous research papers and 2 books on tectonostratigraphy, structural geology, basin evolution, geodynamics, history of science and technology, and computer modelling. He is a major world expert in Fractured and Faulted Reservoir Characterization and Modelling. Furthermore, he regularly organizes courses and field workshops, holds lectures on conferences and is member of a number of editorial boards and peer review committees.