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Sector EL.1 – Environmental Pollution Control

Industrial activity, whether renewable, sustainable, resilient, conventional or unconventional, the risk of environmental pollution is a reality that Mankind has been facing since the advents of the Industrial Revolution. Not only concentrated in industrial sites, but in many cases distributed over larger, onshore and offshore territories.

Why not take the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) as a typical example of an anonymous, large scale environmental risk where complex solutions with international and financial repercussions need to be proposed and new technologies applied to arrive at a reversal of the situation back to normal.

OCRE strongly believes that applying the Geoscience experience accumulated over decades in various industrial sectors, can make a huge difference and provide fundamental insight needed to understand the processes and cycles governing the Earth System, necessary to perform a controllable recovery from environmental pollution, and our worldwide experts Network of Excellency is already working on various options and projects.

To examine all the Tasks involved in this Sector, the OCRE Geoscience Services GEG List and CATALOGUE can be consulted.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch as an example of Environmental Pollution. From: GTS (2018).