Hydrogen Generation and Storage

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Sector SM.3 – Hydrogen Generation and Storage

The generation of Hydrogen to successively use as a source for electricity is one of the key options in the application of Renewable Resources to be applied in the New Era of Sustainable Energy Mix.

Hydrogen can be generated in the following ways:

  1. Green Hydrogen, generated through the electrolyse of water, using renewable power (Wind Power, Hydro-Power, Solar Energy);
  2. Hydrogen generated through the transformation of Oil, Natural Gas (Methane), or Coal which therefore generates CO2, and therefore has 2 options:
    1. Blue Hydrogen, which involves CCS, and
    2. Grey/Black Hydrogen without CCS.

Only the latter option is at the moment conducted, the other options are part of studies and projects.

An important option under investigation is the storage of Hydrogen that can be generated by installations applying other sources of renewable energy such as Hydro-Power or Wind Power in underground reservoirs. This can be depleted Oil and Gas fields, onshore or offshore. What needs to be considered is the transport route between the generation of the hydrogen and the storage facility, costs and engineering technologies involved.

Studying the potential geo-sites for the Hydrogen storage is among the main tasks OCRE believes Geoscientists needs to be massively involved in, to evaluate all the options, applying decades of G&G experience in the field of analysing and modelling subsurface reservoirs of all types, and our large network of Excellency is readily available for all Hydrogen Storage projects.

To examine all the Tasks involved in this Sector, the OCRE Geoscience Services GEG List and CATALOGUE can be consulted.

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